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Currently under construction.
Welcome to homepage of the Menethil Sentry on Earthen Ring!

The website is currently under construction so please be patient.

We are currently dormant, if anyone's interested in re-birthing this guild, please contact either Artorious or Velten by ingame mail, thank you.

The Moderation Team.
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Artourius Ward, Jun 20, 10 6:45 AM.
Due to my PC deciding to break, we've had to delay the Recruitment Drive and so forth by approximately a week (if my PC fixes on-time.)

I will inform you all ASAP, when the Recruitment Drive and such will be going ahead.

Until I return, all the best and have fun!


Taking the Initiative!

Artourius Ward, Jun 7, 10 12:07 PM.
Greetings, one and all!

I am very pleased to announce that The Menethil Sentry is indeed going through a 're-birth' phase and by doing so, I hope to bring RP back to Menethil Harbor and out of the main cities.

It pleases me greatly to learn we already have several members of ER taking the initiative to create Menethil Community members and also even begin to RP there already! My hat goes off to those who have taken such initiative even before we have publicly began advertising ourself and the growing Menethil Community.

So, you may be wondering, "When will RP begin to spring to life once more!?" and "When will the Sentry be spreading it's wings and promoting!?" Well, my friends, I have one answer that fits both of those questions!

Very soon! We intend to begin RP'ing fully as a Sentry and also have our advertisements to draw people in done by (at the latest) the ned of next week! Aka, the 20th of June.

I look forward to beginning RP within Menethil once more and I hope that you will all bear with myself and the Sentry as we slowly build ourselves up. After all, if you're going to do something, you best make sure you do it right!

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